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I cannot say enough about Hemal Bhatt. Suffice it to say, I am totally incompetent when it comes to technology or digital marketing. I am a retired lawyer who has started a Life Coaching business. 

I have taken multiple marketing and computer courses so I can build my business, to no avail. The biggest “Experts”  in the field with 90 day or 6 month courses specifically designed to grow and market digitally Life Coaching Businesses could not help me or my business.

He does it all! He has helped me build my business exponentially and has created a total digital fantastic marketing plan and implemented it as well.

I cannot recommend Hemal Bhatt enough. He will help you build your business and knows how to market digitally efficiently creatively and productively. He cares and really is anxious to help his clients grow their businesses as if they were his own.

Melinda Lowell, JD

Certified Life Coach & Relationship Coach


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